Thank you for your interest in the PMDMC! Based on your feedback from previous years, one of our priorities for 2018 is to deliver breakout sessions that help attendees learn and network more effectively. We want to create a more hands-on, interactive conference where attendees become participants and not passive consumers. As such, we are upgrading our annual call for session ideas to a more purposeful call for session proposals that fit within one or more of the following overall themes:

  • Station revenue diversification and growth
  • Omni-channel deployment (i.e. interaction with audience/donors via a combination of direct and indirect communication channels)
  • Breaking down silos internally

Keep in mind that in addition to looking for submissions that address the above topics, we will be seeking innovative session formats and a deeper explanation of how you will engage the audience. Check out an example session to see what we mean. More consideration will be given to those session proposals that meet two or more of the following criteria:

  • Session content is aspirational and innovative, addressing the disruption of traditional development and marketing efforts
  • Session shares emergent ideas, successes, failures and lessons learned
  • Session offers a fresh or outside perspective tailored to public media’s most urgent business priorities and opportunities
  • If you are a business partner or vendor, session features a variety of perspectives, including an end-user, and does not promote/sell products
  • Session is participatory in format, gradually transitioning away from standard conference panels with talking heads to sessions that foster participation among attendees and facilitate peer-to-peer learning

Submit your proposal today! The deadline is January 24.

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