How to Maximize Your Engagement Efforts Around THE GREAT AMERICAN READ

  • Thursday - 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • Northwestern/Ohio - Floor 6
  • #PMDMC18

THE GREAT AMERICAN READ is an epic multi-platform campaign with massive online engagement to encourage Americans to vote for their favorite book. Perhaps few content events in PBS history have offered stations so many opportunities for engagement that perfectly align with our local/national mission to educate, inform, and inspire. This session begins with an overview of details and assets, including scheduling, promotion, social media, web, publicity, events, education, and development; and culminates in a lively steal-this-idea conversation in which you can share plans with stations colleagues and be inspired by their brainstorming!

Marketing/Engagement, TV only


Christopher Czajka | Senior Director - Community Engagement | Thirteen - WNET

Emmalee Hackshaw | Director of Community Engagement | Georgia Public Broadcasting

Sumner Menchero | Director for Station Strategy & Engagement | Public Broadcasting Service

Fred Nahhat | SVP of Production | DPTV

Kelly Pierson | Development Specialist | WTVI

Chris Walz | Director of Multiplatform Marketing for Digital & Marketing | PBS