Breaking Down Barriers Organizationally With an Audience-Centric Approach

  • Wednesday - 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
  • Los Angeles/Miami/Scottsdale - Floor 5
  • #PMDMC18

Many organizations make the mistake of creating unnecessary divides between departments to meet the demands of today’s fragmented and fast-moving media landscape. But we know that the best organizations empower their talent across teams, generations, and mindsets to take an audience-first approach, moving beyond individual platforms or transactional interactions to create meaningful engagement. This approach transcends traditional silos to deliver unique content that meets audiences’ needs and achieves greater business goals.

To kick off this important conversation about working together organization-wide, Merrill Wasser from Atlantic 57 will unpack models for collaboration at The Atlantic and other leading organizations. She will share insight on how to build capacity, define processes, and create workflows that unite the entire team and place audiences at the heart of your work.

Membership, Marketing/Engagement, Digital, Broadcast Agnostic


Karine Bailly | Associate Director of Strategy | Atlantic 57

Merrill Wasser | Managing Director - Strategy and Growth | Atlantic 57