Prioritizing Digital Partnerships for Audience Growth and Engagement

  • Thursday - 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM
  • Avenue Ballroom - Floor 4
  • #PMDMC18

As new platforms emerge, managing our limited resources is a critical issue. We don’t want to miss opportunities, but we also don’t want to waste time and money engaging with partners or on platforms that are unlikely to pan out. From Amazon Alexa to Facebook Donate, how should we decide what to engage with? Join us for a lively discussion about how we evaluate and prioritize which technology partnerships make the most sense for public media to pursue at the local level, and how to say no when a partnership isn’t right. We’ll highlight projects and methods that enable the kind of low-risk experimentation and broad reach we need to grow and engage our audiences in the digital space, but not at the expense of gains in proven offline engagement practices.

Membership, Marketing/Engagement, Digital, Broadcast Agnostic


Brandon Arolfo | Senior Director | PBS Digital Studios

Stacey Goers | Product Manager - Social and Podcasts | National Public Radio

Colleen Wilson | Executive Director - Product & KQED Lab | KQED