Keynote: Merrill Wasser of Atlantic 57 — sponsored by PRI

  • Wednesday - 8:15 AM - 9:15 AM
  • Grand Ballroom - Floor 7
  • #PMDMC18

The Next 50: Charting the Future of Public Media

As public media looks to the next 50 years, it’s on the brink of reinvention. It must compete with an explosion of media upstarts—both nonprofit and for profit—and navigate a world where audiences read, watch, and listen across a vast array of digital platforms.

Public media now has an opportunity to delve back into its original values—of informing and engaging communities in an unbiased way—and consider how they play out in a modern landscape.

Merrill Wasser, Atlantic 57's Managing Director for Strategy and Growth, will share her insights in working with public media’s leading institutions. She will explore the landscape today, examining essential questions that get at the heart of the challenges facing public media. Audiences will come away with tactics on how public media can:

  • Define its unique value and effectively communicate that value to modern audiences
  • Mobilize loyalists and engage new audiences by understanding the unique needs, behaviors, and self-conceptions of diverse groups
  • Fuel meaningful engagement with audiences, as well as foster and build communities. This means meeting audiences where they are with content that matches their preferences and habits

About Atlantic 57:
Atlantic 57 is the consulting and creative division of The Atlantic, born of its transformation from print outlet to multimedia pioneer. Atlantic 57 helps organizations own their biggest ideas and transform for a modern world. Day in and day out, we are driven by The Atlantic’s legacy of bringing forward bold ideas, from 1857 to today.

General Interest, Broadcast Agnostic


Merrill Wasser | Managing Director - Strategy and Growth | Atlantic 57