Membership Puzzle: Should We Act Like Public Media Organizations or Should We Act Like Nonprofits or…?

  • Thursday - 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • Clark - Floor 4
  • #PMDMC18

Public media occupies a unique space in the media and nonprofit worlds. Is any one model the best fit for attracting donors, engaging listeners, and raising revenue? How do we take the best characteristics of each sector and pull them into a unique value proposition for the people our stations serve? Is it possible to bring an abundance mindset (vs. one of scarcity) to this work? Join us for an exploration of the choose-your-own-adventure undertaking that is public media membership with people who have studied it and stations that are reconceptualizing it. Hear lessons learned and share your experiences as we work together to shape a strategic framework you can apply to building a sustainable donor and revenue model with lasting results.

Membership, Radio only


Lauren Bracey Scheidt | Senior Product Manager -- Listener Journey | NPR

Emily Goligoski | Research Director for the Membership Puzzle Project | The Membership Puzzle Project