Designing Public Radio Events: Finding Success in Audience, Impact, and Revenue (additional fee)

  • Tuesday - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Kansas City - Floor 5
  • #PMDMC18

Led by Tony Bol, Principal, CULTURE CASTS and Don Hall, Events Consultant, DonHallChicago

When live events are done well, they accomplish ambitious goals that can engage new communities, strengthen relationships, and generate revenue. But many organizations have struggled to reliably achieve any of these outcomes. The Designing Events workshop will give you the tools you need to pursue an events strategy that crosses departments and maximizes audience, impact, and revenue.

Through a primary lens of content-driven stage productions, you’ll understand how to create efficiencies across departments that have very different objectives; identify measurements methods that are worthwhile and easy to apply; forge stable, successful partnerships with content teams; assess new methods of community engagement; design a diversified events-revenue portfolio with results that grow consistently over time. Led by Tony Bol, Principal, CULTURE CASTS. Fee is $375.