Keep Growing Revenue: Tactics to Overcome the Sustainer Growth Plateau

  • Wednesday - 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM
  • Reunion F
  • #PMDMC19

Every thriving and growing sustainer program is at risk of stalling or simply hitting that paralyzing hump called “plateauing.” Hear from three stations that have implemented a “sustainer first” strategy that includes tracking performance and analyzing key data as well as implementing effective conversion, upgrade, and retention tactics to keep their programs growing to their maximum revenue potential. Also, hear from NACHA, the administrator of the ACH Network. They will be providing us with messaging that works with donors, help with authorizations, and a portfolio of “white-labeled” documents that you can adopt for your station’s use.


Becky Chinn | Partner | LKA Fundraising & Communications
Kayla Gabriel | Sustaining Gifts Manager | KUT / KUTX
Peter Hohenstein | Senior Director of ACH Network Administration | NACHA
Kaye Kelley | Development Director | KLRU
Erika Matsuda | Membership and Events Manager | MontanaPBS