Podcasting and the Scramble for Sponsorship

  • Wednesday - 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM
  • Reunion A
  • #PMDMC19

Best practices for podcast sponsorships are still evolving. But even as we wrestle with measurement, scale, and defining a business model that makes sense for public media, we already have some valuable learnings. Stations gaining traction in this area share strategies for positioning, packaging, and pricing podcasting (not to mention painful lessons learned!) as well as ideas to leverage the unique opportunities the medium offers for connecting with corporate and community partners in new ways.


Mia Fernandez | Head of Sponsorship | KCRW
Lisa Gergely | Manager of Corporate Sponsorship | WFAE
Scot Kaufman | Media Sales Manager | WUSF/WSMR
Haley LaBonte-Davey | Corporate Support Associate | Vermont Public Radio
Leslie Laney | Marketing & Strategic Initiatives Manager | WUSF/WSMR
Ross Yaeger | Director of Digital Sales and Strategy | Market Enginuity