Five Secrets Commercial Companies Use to Drive Membership

  • Thursday - 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Gaston
  • #PMDMC19

Whether you subscribe to the Porsche car service or Bacon of the Month Club, we live in a subscription economy. Just about everything now is measured by recurring revenue, but what can public media learn from the fast-paced and quickly evolving subscription-based business model? Join the thought provoking conversation led by industry experts who have uncovered subscription/membership techniques from interviews with C-Suite executives at the most successful subscription media companies (NYTimes, FT, etc.). The session will focus on the broad market forces that have driven the growth of subscription businesses as well as the strategic opportunities for public media stations to acquire and retain members.


Jim Brady | CEO | Spirited Media
Mike Jenkins | Senior Partner | QCatalyst
Alexis Rapo | Senior Partner | QCatalyst
Jason Seiken | CEO | QCatalyst